Monday, January 20, 2014

Pinterest projects: FAIL

One of the goals on my 14 in ‘14 list was to work on Pinterest projects more regularly. The boys and I did one today that will not ever be repeated ever again. Ever. This was a lesson in making sure to fully read the article linked to the pin…

Here’s the pin (click on photo to go to article):

fluffy doughThe two ingredients are cornstarch and shaving cream. Mixed together they are supposed to make a soft and fluffy dough. And they do. Silas helped me mix it up and loved touching it. He also kept sniffing loudly since it smelled so nice. I do have a better photo with his eyes open, but I love the look on his face in this one. This is how nice the dough felt. At first.


Both boys scrambled to the table to play with this. Brad asked for the playdough tools. I didn’t think the rolling pins would work, but let him try them out. They didn’t. It worked better to pat it with your hands. Brad tried some cookie cutters as well. Are you starting to see the problem?


Silas just had a grand time making piles. Big, soft, dusty piles. He really did love it and played contentedly for a good 20 minutes. For a two year-old who is constantly in motion, that’s saying something.


LOOK AT THE MESS! I don’t mind letting the boys get messy, but usually am prepared for it. Look closely at the photo of the pin. Their fluffy dough is in a box. In a box! I felt like, “Duh”. LOL. It started out as nice, soft balls, but didn’t take long to dry up and become powdery. We vacuumed the top of the dining room table to clean up, and the chairs and the floor, of course. I tried to vacuum Silas, but he wouldn’t let me. This fluffy dough does wash off easily – off of hands, the table, the tools they used – it just instantly dissolved. Also, the house smelled like fresh shaving cream for awhile.

This FAIL is totally due to my own error in not investigating fully how it works. We’d not have done it in the house, on the table, if I had. There are a few other dough recipes on my Pinterest boards, so we’ll gladly leave this in the “been there, done that” file and move on.




  1. oh dear! it looks like it was fun for the boys.
    Thanks for the heads up, I won't be trying this one :)

  2. Oh Tammy, what a mess! The boys DID have fun though, so at least there's that, LOL! Can't wait to see what you try next!
    :) J

  3. Looks like the boys didn't mind the mess! So cute!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. You were brave to even try this in the first place!


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