Monday, February 17, 2014

Playing with Paper

Number 4 on my 14 in ‘14 list was to scrapbook/craft each week. There are piles of papers and tools and supplies on top of the dining room buffet so when the urge hits, paper crafting can ensue without too much prep. I’ve made birthday cards for the twin niece/nephew, and gift tags for next Christmas, so something has been happening, just not each week.

On Friday night I dug out several envelopes full of photos and sorted them into piles. On Saturday I spent some time assembling four pages. Yep, just four. Scrapbooking takes me awhile. On Sunday I finished one of those four pages. The other three will be done before the end of the week. Pinky swear.

Here is “the one”:


It’s a little busier than what I usually do, but I got a new Cricut cartridge (Boys Will Be Boys) and I needed to cut out all those bugs!


bug collage


This entire page is made from papers and supplies I already had. The bugs each have little eyes glued on, and pop dot scraps under, so they “pop” off the page.

No worries that this will be a scrapping blog. I pretty much relate to that little blue and yellow snail up there when it comes to scrapping speed. LOL.




  1. That scrapbook page is really cute! Love the bugs, and love the pictures of Brad making his bugs on a log treat. I wish I had thought about taking pictures like that when my kids were little. And I don't see my grandkids often enough to get those kinds of pictures today. Your pictures and scrapbooking will be cherished forever.


Thanks for sharing!