Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 25 – What the Bride Wore

I needed to wait until after the wedding to discuss “The Dress”. You know how you just “know” when you find the right wedding gown? When I shopped for mine, I had found a photo of exactly what I wanted in a magazine. I was in college, and on a free afternoon when I went looking in that college town to see what was available, I found the dress in the basement of a clothing store. It was priced just slightly out of my budget, and I was going dress shopping with my mom the next weekend, so I left it there.
When we got to the bridal shop, my mom asked if she could pick out a dress for me to try on, and I said sure, then started digging through the racks, looking for that gown I’d found the week before. It was nowhere to be found, so I grabbed a few that were similar and headed to the dressing room. Can you guess what dress my mom had picked out and had hanging there waiting for me? I didn’t need to look at another one – she’d chosen the same gown I had.
Jess and I don’t have quite that same serendipitous story from shopping for her dress. I was looking at completely different style dresses than she was, and I have to admit, none of the ones I picked out worked for her. This dress was the third one she tried on, and the only one she put on a second time:
It was that second time that she knew this was the one. The tears flowed immediately…
The gown is Maggie Sottera’s Bailey. Here’s the description: “A-line, strapless gown with dipped neckline and corset closure. L'Amour Satin is asymmetrically wrapped across the bodice with star-shaped beaded embellishments highlighting the center neckline and side hip. An asymmetrically swept train makes a remarkable finish for this stunning A-line silhouette.”
It did not require any alterations, save a small adjustment to the hem on the front of the skirt. It has a corset back, so was easily adjusted around her midriff as needed. The only difficulty was with the bustling, since the skirt was “asymmetrically swept”. The lovely woman who did the alterations put two hooks on the skirt to hold up the train instead of just one.
Her plan was to not have a veil, rather just some sort of sparkly comb or clip, but when the bridal shop salesgirl put the veil on her, she changed her mind. My sister made the one she wore, so I’ll show you that tomorrow…

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