Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Days 29, 30, and 31 – The End

I forgot to do a post on Monday – it was a crazy day after a night of not-much-sleep, and blog posting never crossed my mind. I sat down last night to do two posts, and there was no memory card in my camera. I looked everywhere and still have not found it, so I gave up on posting for another day. (‘Twas another day after a night of not-much-sleep…)
Today I have a new memory card, so there are some photos, and a couple more things to tell you about as I wrap up these 31 days of blissful wedding planning and execution. Okay, so it wasn’t all blissful, but I wouldn’t give up a minute of the time spent planning and preparing and crafting. It was a labor of love that I’m glad I only have to do ONE time, though.
I was hoping to have a pic from the photographer to show you this sign that 3 year-old Bradley carried down the aisle. This was one of the first details Jess pinned on her Pinterest wedding board, so it was planned all along.
He did great carrying it by the ribbon, using two hands, during rehearsal, but when it came time for the wedding, he kind of had it behind himself. That worked out okay, though, because the guests could still read it after he’d gone by, and a quiet chuckle went through the crowd.
I used a 12” square canvas, cut the letters using my Cricut, and spray-painted over the top. The ribbon is hot-glued on the back, after I tied a bow in the center. The back is covered in burlap, but I guess I didn’t get a pic of that…
The other thing I wanted to show you is the napkin fold for the flatware that we set on the tables. I don’t like trying to juggle my plate, filling it with food, while hanging onto my flatware and napkin, so when we have a buffet at my house, I always put the silverware and napkins at the end of the line. It’s funny how many people will stand at the beginning, searching for the forks. Anyway, since I didn’t want a couple hundred people pawing through baskets of forks, knives, and spoons, I decided to go ahead and do individual napkins with the utensils at the tables. We had to use plastic and paper since there was no kitchen for cleaning up dishes, and why would we rent linens to use with plastic, so I thought this presentation at least “prettied” it up a bit.
The napkin fold was based on the “fancy silverware pouch” on this napkin-folding how-to site. After I tucked the flatware into the folds, I tied it with a piece of twine to keep everything together. I packed them all up in a tote and we just opened the tote, grabbed a handful of napkins, and set one at each place. Here’s what the tables looked like after they were all set up:
You’ll notice the little bells on either side of the centerpiece. There were a couple on each table, and each had a tiny tag that said “kiss” on it. Since we had plastic cups and flatware, there was nothing to signal that the crowd wanted the couple to kiss, so the bells were rung throughout the ballroom when the mood struck. They weren’t very loud, so everyone had to ring them for the head table to hear. It was fun to hear the ballroom fill with the tinkle of little bells.
One more photo before I wrap up this 31 Day endeavor – the wedding cake. The topper was the letter “R” for Robinson. It was purchased pretty inexpensively at Michael’s.
Each layer of the cake was a different flavor – raspberry cream, pink champagne, lemon, and strawberry cream cheese. Then we had chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and there was a small section of the table for candy. The top layer is frozen and safely tucked in the bottom of the couple’s new freezer.
cutting the cake
Scott was very much the gentleman, and did not smear cake on the bride’s face.
eating cake 
When we get the photo CD from the photographer, I will share more details here. I keep thinking of things to tell you, but need the pics to go along. This month has been a fun journey and I’m so glad you went along with me!
Please come back to my little corner of the prairie. Now that the 31 Days event is concluded, the plan is to post about life, making a home, and loving my family.


  1. Beautiful cake!
    I like the napkin folds too - and the clear utensils look good - even if they were plastic! Good choice!

    Linda in VA

  2. It is amazing to see how much work went into this wedding - you are awesome! I know it was a labor of love. Now you need a much deserved rest!

    Those napkin folds are really cool and a great idea to put them by each place setting instead of on the buffet.


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