Monday, January 1, 2024

So, It's Been About Three Years Since We Talked...

 Hello and Happy New Year! My sincere wishes that 2024 is good to all of us. ♥

The other day I had occasion to go through all of the posts for this blog as I looked for a recipe I thought I might have posted here. No recipe found, but I enjoyed reading the stories and memories saved. Plenty of posts about the kids in my life, and fun things we did or they said or new things they learned. But now, three years later...

The eldest grandchild is now taller than me. There is more driving where the he is behind the wheel. I am not good at being a driving instructor, and when I yell "Stop! Stop! Stop!", that is not good for my heart. 

Second grand is almost as tall as me. He has asked if he can please have some driving time soon. I don't know if my heart can take that. His parents and Grampy get the beginner beginner driver. 

Third grand is about to have a birthday, and though she's already so grown up, she is not near to being as tall as me. The only toy we purchased for Christmas this year for the grands was a pink scooter for her. No, she doesn't get to drive yet. My heart is fine with that.

Now that this year's holidays are past, projects that have been put off (many for years) will be prioritized as I work around the house. Those paint cans stacked at the end of the hall are beckoning! First, though, is that annual declutter. I keep saying I'll be ruthless, but then I'm not. I need to be. This year - ruthless declutter. Next year, where is all my stuff? Why is the rum always gone? (Name that movie...)

Also, January is pantry/freezer challenge time, and I've already rocked out a brunch for 15 using what I had. Details later this week, but I'm pretty happy with how that came out. Any dollar savings realized by this challenge will go to paying back the savings account for the unexpected full set of new tires that were put on my car on December 23. Ugh.

On that happy note, let's get settled in 2024 and make it great. ♥


  1. Hello. Nice to see you back. Those grandkids sure do grow fast!

  2. Good morning Tammy. It’s crazy how fast our grandchildren are growing. Gavin is 14 and just got a farm drivers license in Oklahoma. He can only drive to school and farm related activities and he can’t have anybody except family in the vehicle. There are a lot of restrictions, but it still makes me nervous. he’s been on the farm since he was pretty young
    And is very good at driving trailers full of animals

    Best wishes to you on the decluttering. And that’s very impressive you did a brunch for 50 without going to the store.

    I’m glad you’re back by blogging. Hope to see some more posts from you soon

  3. I reminded myself the other day that we all were new drivers once, but I don't think that made me feel better. Lol.

    1. Tammy, I read 15 brunch guests correctly but I typed the comment wrong.
      That’s amazing B is getting to driving age soon too.
      Childhood goes fast, doesn’t it?


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