Saturday, April 25, 2015

This Week in Photos

Some projects begun, but nothing ready to blog about. For fun, I thought I’d share a few photos of the grands taken this past week.

On Monday I awoke with a massive headache that soon had me feeling nauseous, which means migraine. It was a s.l.o.w. morning for me until the meds took effect. Brad-Man was very sweet and helped take care of his sister for me. DSCN0180

He played quietly while Layla had her nap, and took some pics of his Lego creation.

B Lego vehicle

Later that afternoon he and Silas built towers with Duplo blocks. Silas was ecstatic when the tower was so tall they had to get the step stool to add bricks. Duplo tower

Miss Layla got some new fashion accessories. She actually doesn’t mind when we put headbands on her. Not so with the sunglasses. Those were pulled off immediately.

L has a bow      Sunglasses

Silas was super-excited to go bowling with his preschool class this week. His mama got to join him at the bowling alley, but he told me his favorite part was riding the school bus.

preschool bowling

A sneak peek at my current project. I worked on it as I could this week, and made lots of progress today. More to come about this as I get them finished.


Yes, that is The Hulk watching over my pile of felt. Don’t you have large plastic Super Heroes helping you out at home, too?




  1. Can't believe how big Layla is getting! What a sweetheart Brad was for helping you when you had a migraine.


Thanks for sharing!