Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leftovers Into Place Cards

Our Thanksgiving tables were not set with crystal, china, nor fancy linens. Rather, just a basic table cloth, stoneware, and the paper napkins left from the wedding (I did pull out the plastic flatware and replace with real). One fun thing that did make the table this year, though, were the place cards made from leftover wedding craft stuff. They, too, were basic and so simple to throw together.


Just a 5” square of brown kraft paper leftover from invitation-making, scored and folded in half, then a small rectangle of burlap and another small rectangle of kraft paper sewn on. I did have to use double-stick tape on both the burlap and the top piece of kraft paper to hold them in place for sewing, but wasn’t concerned about everything being too straight. Just a short straight stitch around the perimeter secured each piece. Rubber alphabet stamps were used to put the name on each one.

When my elementary school-aged niece and nephews arrived, I enlisted their help with finishing the table setting and they decided where each person should sit. They enjoyed being able to contribute, and put the place cards in the center of each dinner plate.

I really like little touches like place cards on the table even though we all know and like each other and have no problem choosing our own seats.



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  1. LOVE these place cards. So cute. I need to remember this for the next event I have to have place cards for.


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