Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – The Garter


Yesterday I showed you the pile of cloth and lace that once was my wedding gown. I’d hoped to be able to use quite a lot of it in my daughter’s upcoming nuptials, but as it turns out, I’ve ended up only using a length of lace off the bodice for Jess’s garter. It was already gathered, so just a little elastic sewn to the inside stitching, and it’s ready for the big day.

DSCN3051 DSCN3054 DSCN3055

The first photos is the length of lace I used before cutting. The lace, and then the elastic were cut just slightly longer than the measurement needed. Pinned at both ends, then stretched out and pinned along the entire length. A run through the sewing machine secured it to the lace, then I sewed the ends of the length together and viola! – we have a garter.



It needed a little “something”, so I hand-sewed on a narrow ribbon and bow. Easily removed if it ever needs to be changed out for another color or embellishment.


Gotta say, I just love it! It’ll be pretty much the only lacy thing at this wedding, and for me, it’s very special.

Jess is kind of sentimental also, so I’m hoping this garter is passed on for her children’s weddings and perhaps beyond that. I like to think a piece of my gown may be used a few times over the years.

I have forbidden it’s use in the traditional garter toss at the reception, so after the big event I’ll show you what we got for that. It’s a surprise right now…

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  1. Looks really pretty Tammy - lovely idea....

    Linda in VA

  2. beautiful!
    and I'm seeing a sweet little collar for a future granddaughter's dress or nightgown.


Thanks for sharing!