Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 7 – The Card Box

A favorite piece of mine for this wedding is the card box for the gift table.  This was a very simple and inexpensive project. We used a brown kraft “paper mache” box from Hobby Lobby that was 50% off, so I think it was $3 or $4.
My husband cut the slot in the top using a utility knife. Then I wrapped the lid and around the box with burlap ribbon and satin ribbon. Again with the Hobby Lobby, but that’s where we got pretty much all of our wedding crafting supplies.

It’s topped with a  homemade burlap rosette and a small banner in front.
The banner used small canvas triangles with grommets purchased at Hobby Lobby, some small diameter twine, and letters cut from brown vinyl using my Cricut.  You can see how I tied knots between the letters to keep them put, but ended up putting a dot of hot glue behind each triangle so they’d hang straight.

We didn’t glue the top onto the box, but I will rubberband it all together before we transport it home, just to be sure it doesn’t pop open and spill out the contents.
card box
It was a simple and very inexpensive project. We looked on Etsy and these were priced between $25-35 + shipping. I think we have about $6 in it.
This is one of the eight burlap rosettes left of the dozen I made. The other seven have been used in one of my favorite projects for this celebration and I’m anxious to show those to you this next week!
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  1. Once again, so creative and delightful! I absolutely love that little banner on the front of the box.

  2. I agree with Melanie, it is a wonderful box, and who knew burlap could be so classy!


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