Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 6 – Burlap Rosettes

One of the rustic elements in my daughter’s “rustic elegance” theme for her wedding is the use of burlap. While we’re trying not to make it look like the ballroom is bathed in burlap, we’ve used it in several places, all of which I’ll show you here over these 31 days. The first project I’m showing you is the burlap rosette, made originally to replace the white silk flowers on the flower girl dresses.
burlap rosette
I looked at a few tutorials for making burlap flowers, and settled on the rosette since it did not involve lots of raveling and messy strings. Click here to see the tutorial I based my rosettes on, though I didn’t pin anything down, just hot glued as I went. Then I flipped it over and glued a circle of felt to the back. These are fairly large, about 4” or so across. I found them really simple to make, just twisting and gluing the burlap strip in a circle.
burlap rosette pin back

I made a dozen rosettes, and put pin backs on the four needed for the dresses. The remaining eight have been used in other projects, and those will be posted in the next few days.
Two weeks from today is the BIG DAY. It will all get done and what’s not done by that day, doesn’t have to be (this is what I’m telling myself so I won’t stress out).

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