Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's Getting Spicy Up in Here!

Not that kind of spicy - food spicy - yum!
If you know us at all, you know that Greg and I both enjoy cooking. Greg especially enjoys grilling, roasting, and smoking meaty things out there in the garage where he keeps all his big grilling/roasting/smoking machines. He cooks inside, too, as do I, but I leave the hot outside cooking to him...

Anyway, with all this meat cooking he does, he's learned about rubs and marinades, and makes many of his own. We have all the usual spices, and a few special ones for him to use in these flavorful concoctions.

So, for Father's Day, I happened upon an Instagram post about this web site called Raw Spice Bar. This company sends three fresh-ground spice blends each month for the duration of your subscription. I signed Greg up for six months.

So far, he's gotten two packets of spices along with some really tasty recipes to use them in.

No, we haven't opened the packets yet. We've just had so much chaos here with the kids moving out, and this weekend will be a quick trip to Colorado for some extended family time. When we get back, we'll whip up some new recipes. (Who wants to try that Scotch Bonnet Salt with me? HOT! And there's a luscious-sounding power smoothie recipe I'm anxious to send with Greg for breakfast next week.) You don't have to use their recipes, though, if you have another use for the spice blends they send. They list all of the ingredients so you can experiment a little if you want.

Shipping takes awhile, but it's worth waiting for. We had a hiccup with shipment of our first packet, but their customer service was awesome and they sent us another right away.  

Anyway, if you're interested in something a little bit different to give to someone who likes to cook, but has enough "stuff", this might be a choice for them. 

(I'm not affiliated with them nor getting any kind of reimbursement for telling you about the web site, I just really like it.) 


  1. I would love this. I have a spice addiction! LOL!!

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