Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It Was Worth It

Last weekend we had a big family event and had company all weekend, as well as went to a wedding and reception for 7 hours. Overdid it big time. I slept for 3 hours on Sunday afternoon after everyone left, but was not much better on Monday, so the past couple of days have been spent resting and getting my strength back. I feel much better now, thank you.

So getting ready for weekend guests was merely a matter of cleaning off the kitchen counters and sweeping the floors. Greg and Jess took out some Christmas totes that had been conveniently tucked in a corner and ignored. I dusted a little and bought paper plates. Jess did the bathroom. Every other room had a door that closed and they stayed that way...

Food was simple and easy. Greg grilled steaks for supper on Friday night. I made roasted potatoes and a green salad. Prep for those was easy and I did it in increments throughout the day on Friday. 
Silas was snapping pics over the counter. He loves Stephanie.
Saturday's breakfast was bacon and scrambled eggs with toasted English muffin bread. Greg did the eggs and I cooked the bacon in the oven. 
Lunch was deli meat and cheese for sandwiches, chips, and some fresh veggies.
Supper was prime rib at the wedding reception. Mmmm. Jess and the kids made pizza.
Sunday morning I threw together a ham/broccoli/goat cheese breakfast casserole and we had a couple of kinds of bagels. 
Lunch was the rest of the deli meat and the leftover pizza. 

The wedding was lovely, and we had a chance to visit with Uncle Bill for a minute before we were seated. It's been 10 or 12 years since we last saw him. He's more frail now, but still his flirty and sassy self. Before he left the reception he wrapped his arms around me and said, "I love you so much, girl." I love that man as well. He was so supportive when my mom was sick, never judging any decisions we made, just offering love and a strong arm to lean on, for me and for Mom.

Of course, there were cousins. Lots of cousins! I got to at least get a hug and kiss from each one, and was able to have conversations with most. They've nominated me to organize a family reunion in the near future, and now are calling me the "family matriarch". I doubt I can replace Elsie (Grandma), nor could any of us, and I won't even try. 
Me with Aunt Take. She's 86 years old and still hilarious.

Me and Steph - Silas says, "She's like, your sister, right?" 

Steph, Me, Toni (she nominated me to be matriarch)

Lisa, Me, Jesse, Alan, Toni

Jesse and Randy (Leslie in front)

Dawn and Me (it's been 30 years since we'd seen each other)

Danny (the groom), Bobby, Uncle Bill, Jesse, Alan, and Randy
I know there are more and better pics than I got. A few of us posted family pics on FB, but the bride and groom had requested we not post wedding pics, so we didn't. 

The kids had just piled every blanket and pillow from the bedrooms on the living room floor when we arrived home. Bradley fell asleep for the night right in the middle of them all, while watching the motocross race Uncle Alan turned on so he could check the results. They were all exhausted, but had a great afternoon and evening with Jessica and Scott.

More visiting the next morning, then everyone headed home after lunch. I was spent, but wouldn't change it for anything. These times are so precious. Our kids don't know how it was to have forty or fifty of us crammed into Grandma's and Grandpa's little one bedroom/one bathroom house for family gatherings, but we all remember that as being "the good old days". We're strung all over the country now, but through Facebook, we all can keep in touch. 

So, by the time I see my doctor next week, I should be back to normal and ready to get back to life "BS" (before surgery). I may tell him about my big weekend, I may not. He'd not be happy, but I think not surprised, either. No matter what, it was worth it...

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  1. I am so glad to hear you feel the surgery was worth it. I felt that way a few weeks after mine, too. Please continue to get lots of rest and take care of yourself! Glad you had such a wonderful time at the wedding.


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