Monday, June 29, 2015

It’s Been Awhile

The past few weeks have been the usual busy with house, yard and garden, and grandkids. This summer is flying by! Thankfully we haven’t had much hot weather yet. Up until late last week, rain dominated the weather almost daily. This means that we now have mosquitoes. Hungry, hungry mosquitoes. Ugh.

We’ve had some very nice days, though, and one of those was spent with my friend and former co-worker, Barb. We attended our first lavender festival at a small farm about half an hour away. Besides sampling lavender ice cream and lavender lemonade (oh yum!), we listened to a presentation about growing and using this fragrant herb. I purchased some lavender simple syrup and have been perusing Pinterest  for ideas for using it.This tree stump chainsaw art greeted us. There was an imprint of lavender flowers and stalks in a couple of places in the sidewalk as well. I think that’s just a charming touch. They’re having another event in July, this time with wine. I’m pretty sure I can go.




The very next day, Bradley came back from being gone for almost 4 weeks. Oh, it was good to see him! He was just as excited to see us. The next weekend he went back for Father’s Day, but we’re able to spend 3 uninterrupted weeks with him at home now.

DSCN0656 (2)

Nick took vacation for a week, and spent a couple of those days hanging out with us. The highlight was playing Legos together.


Yeah, you can see the mess o’ wires in the background. Greg did bury all the AV wires, but still needs to finish the boxes and get it all straightened out. Those tools and extra flooring behind them are put away now. I’m loving the new floor, but it really shows the dirt and must be swept or vacuumed a few times a day. Silas likes to walk around on it after he’s been doing sidewalk chalk outside. He leaves a trail of chalky footprints and thinks that’s hilarious.

The next week, we took the training wheels off of Brad’s bicycle. He did a great job as long as he didn’t stop peddling. Lots more practice needed there! It won’t be long and he’ll have the hang of it.


We finally had a hot and humid day, so we set up the new wading pool for Silas. Brad was gone for that Father’s Day visit. Silas was so excited that he was in that pool by 11 a.m., before the water had warmed at all. A bonus was getting to share the fun with Greg’s great-nephew who happened to be visiting his grandparents that day.


I’ll leave this as good for now. We just got home from a short mountain vacation, but that story needs a post of it’s own. This prairie girl loves some mountains!

For now, it’s off to bed. This prairie girl is exhausted.



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  1. Legos, wading pools, Uncle Nick, lots of hugs and kisses - your house is full of love!!!


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