Monday, December 15, 2014

New-Old Chalkboard

In late September I picked up a couple of big-ish chalkboards at a local garage sale for $1. They’re well-used and bit beat up, but I still wanted to use one in my holiday decorating. After a quick check of Christmas chalkboard art on Pinterest, I decided to make a version of “O Holy Night” that I saw in the flea market/craft goods store awhile back. It was simple, yet expresses the meaning of the season.

Since the board sat in the garage for a few months, it got a good scrub to clean up, then “seasoned”, so that what we write and draw on it will erase. This is done by covering the chalkboard in chalk, then wiping it clean with a dry eraser or cloth.


I printed out the text using the Pristina font and set the size to 400. Rub chalk on the back of the paper, then put it where you want it on the board and trace the lettering on the front side of the paper. It leaves you a very light outline to trace and fill in. Jess thought it looked tedious, and it kind of is, but I got the neat, straight text I wanted. I did the same with an outline drawing of the nativity. Silas wanted to help, and I was almost finished, so he only got to fill in one letter, the “t”. He did a great job!


Here’s the final result. As I sit and stare at it, I see lots of things to do differently, but I’m not touching it. My first reaction was that I really liked it, so I’m sticking with that.

I did use a level to hang it up, and it’s still about ¼” off, but I was done fussing.



I like having that big blank space filled up.

The other board is the same size, just with a blue frame. Jess and I have plans to refurbish both of them, then I think I may keep one up all the time.



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