Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tie Your Shoes

For the past several weeks, Brad’s been trying to tie his own shoes. Just for a fun way to practice, I made this lacing card for him using a piece of cardboard, some eyelets, and a long shoelace.

tying shoes 1

The Crop-A-Dile I got for Christmas made quick work of setting the eyelets.

tying shoes 2 Those extra eyelets are for lacing practice. You don’t need eyelets to make a lacing card, but they do make the card fun and colorful as well as sturdier so it will last a few years for Silas to be able to learn with it, too.

Brad really likes it and has practiced enough that the other day he tied his own shoes, almost completely by himself.

tying shoes 3


 tying shoes 5



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  1. Neat idea. I always loved the lacing cards when I was a kid, probably even beyond the age most kids gave them up. hmm. Maybe that is why I love counted cross stitch so much??


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