Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun Christmas Pillows

Many times in the afternoon while 2 year-old Silas is napping, 4 year-old Bradley and I take on a "project". These projects often allow him to practice life skills or reinforce what he's learning in preschool, but mostly they're just fun.
Today's project was to make Christmas pillows using a Santa hat, a couple of empty Christmas stockings, and some fluffly stuffing. I showed Brad how to stuff it clear to the tippy-toes of the stockings, and fill it to the seam of the cuff of the stocking. Same with the hat - stuffed clear from the pointy tip to the cuff seam. Then we pinned the seam closed and sewed it up. He wanted to "needle" the pillows, meaning he wanted to put the pins in, so I let him try. I only got poked a little. LOL.

Once the seam is sewn closed, you just fold the cuff back over and ta da!, you have a fun holiday pillow.
We had enough stuffing for two stockings and one Santa hat. Brad has distributed them throughout the house - one in the bed where Silas naps, one in the playroom, and one on the living room couch.
The few days following Christmas, when all of the holiday decorations and supplies are at deep discount, is a good time to grab a few Santa hats and some stockings for next year. That is where these came from - all at 80% or 90% off. I plan to pick up a few more so we can have a pillow collection for the playroom next year. They're fast, easy, and lots of fun!

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