Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stocking Cap #2

Last Friday I woke up with a headache, which means it’s with me all day long. I can (and did) take migraine-strength pain relievers that allow me to function for pockets of time through the day, but mostly I spend the day quietly. In the early morning, while waiting for the meds to take effect, I somehow got to looking a crochet videos on YouTube. (I know, I’m cool that way.) One of those videos was for a toddler-sized stocking cap with flaps and fun braided strings. It looked easy enough, and that’s what I needed since I’d only made one stocking cap, and that was a few weeks ago.

It was mid-afternoon before I could get started on the cap, but it went pretty quickly and was over half-finished by supper time when Silas arrived. He was here for a few hours, then after he went home, I was able to pick up the crochet again. It was close to midnight when I finished, and my hands hurt terribly (on days I take migraine meds all day, I don’t take my arthritis meds. It’s a bit easier on the kidneys…) but I was really happy with the finished product.


Silas likes it, too! He’s all ready for the snowstorm that is expected in a couple of days. The cap turned out to be the perfect size for him, though I thought it looked huge when it was finished. I’m thinking I know several kids who would enjoy these hats, and what a quick and easy project for gifts for Christmas, right?




  1. I LOVE the cap! Now I know who to call when I'm ready to learn crochet someday, LOL! You are like the Pinterest queen, Tammy; I could repin your creativity all day long :-).

  2. So sweet! Hope you have a relief from your headache soon!

  3. That is so cute! I wish I could crochet something like this!


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