Friday, January 11, 2013

Using up the Burlap

Okay, so we haven’t even really touched the burlap, the piles and piles of burlap, left from the wedding, except to pack it away in totes and put it in storage. I’m still waiting to hear from Jess’s friend who wants some of it for their wedding next Fall before I decide on projects for the pieces we cut for table runners. Besides the yardage we have several pew bows and rolls of burlap ribbon.


When I was unpacking Christmas decorations, there was a wire wreath form in the box that had nothing on it. I thought about using some faux greenery for a Christmas wreath for the front door, but I already had a really big one on the front of the deck (did I ever show you that?…) and didn’t want a smaller “twin” on the door. While wedding planning, I looked for lots of ideas for using burlap, and pinned a few links to tutorials for wreaths. This one was my favorite, and there is a tutorial for her method, but I needed to “see” the process being done, so I hunted down a YouTube video. This method was easy and went fairly quickly, leaving me with a full, poufy wreath.


My only complaint is that the burlap is rough, therefore a bit hard on the fingers. And it took a lot of ribbon. Like a roll and a half, which is about 15 yards. I used non-wired ribbon, so it has a “softer” look to it, I think. The photo at the top of this post is the plain wreath. A wooden snowman now hangs in the center, a Christmas decoration, but one that works for winter and January as well. It will be fun to come up with new ways to decorate this wreath for various holidays. Since it’s so neutral, just about anything could be added, though whatever I do use will not be glued or permanently adhered.

Okay, so that’s a few yards of ribbon taken care of, any suggestions for the piles that remain?




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  1. Very cute wreath! I like the soft look of the burlap.


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