Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodwill Goodies

Once or twice a month I like to stop in at our local Goodwill store and see what goodies are waiting to go  home with me. Usually I concentrate on the housewares section, but sometimes will run across a toy or something in the clothing will pop out at me. That’s what happened today. Here are my finds:
The coat looks to be in perfect shape, just the right size for Silas. It looks too big for him, but is a size 12-month. I’ll keep it here since I like having an extra set of clothes and jackets/coats for the boys.
The tote is full of colorful plastic balls that I thought the boys would enjoy. They came in a big plastic bag, but before I let the boys play with them, I cleaned each with a Clorox wipe. I’m sure it won’t take but a few minutes before those are all over the living room tomorrow!
Lastly, the two silver pieces – an ice bucket with lid, and a teapot. They need to be cleaned, and I’ll use the kitchen sink/hot water/salt/baking soda method to get the tarnish off. There were several more pieces at the store, but I’m not sure how much old silver I want to accumulate, so I’ll take inventory before deciding whether or not to go back and pick up more. That ice bucket is probably a one-time find, though, so it had to come home with me. It’ll be fun to use for the holidays, won’t it?
Edited 7 PM, 11/8/12:  Just wanted to show you - they LOVED the balls!


  1. Great finds at GW! I'm sure the boys are thrilled with those balls and I bet they're fun to clean up all over the house, too! ;-)

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