Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 9 – Hanging Them Up

Sorry for my tardiness in posting today. Yesterday got away from me, and today was the last full day Jess and I had together to finish up wedding details. We crafted for six straight hours, and I’m probably parked at the dining room table again tomorrow for most of the day. I feel pretty good about where we are, though, and if we had to have the wedding with no more preparation, we’d be okay. Now, on to today’s post:

Last June, Jessica was a bridesmaid in her cousin Sara’s wedding. One of the gifts the bride gave her girls was a personalized clothes hanger for their dress. Jess loved it and wanted to do the same for her maids. We started looking on Etsy, where Sara told us she ordered her hangers.

Counting bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, and Jess, we needed ten names. Prices on Etsy ranged between $8 and $25 for completed hangers, and even the least expensive was out of our budget for the quantity required. I found a site that sells just the wire names, and we picked up some wooden hangers at the local WM store. Our cost per hanger was $5.50 and a little bit of our time.

I didn’t get a photo of the hangers as they came from the store, but they had a wooden rod on the bottom that was just tacked on. Those rods popped right off the hanger, and after we pulled out the little brad that had held them on, Greg had a perfect marker for drilling. We had him drill shallow holes to fit the ends of the wires in, and Jess trimmed each name, then trimmed the wire to length, and hot glued the wire in the holes.

100_3911 100_3920

They came out really nice and Jess was happy with the heavy wire used and how well it kept it’s shape as she handled each of them. I have to give kudos to Kitty and Kevin for such a good quality product, and their service was fast and friendly.

The hanger Jess got from Sara had a pretty green ribbon bow tied onto it (I don’t have a photo…) and Jess liked how that dressed it up. She decided to make some small burlap rosettes to glue on, and added a little pearl to the center. Then we tied on a brown satin ribbon bow, and they are finished.

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  1. absolutely wonderful!!! I'm so glad these turned out so awesome! Thanks for linking back to the etsy site as well :)


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