Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 4 – Pick those Cupcakes

When we first started planning this shindig, Jess expressed a desire for a small wedding cake, something that they could cut and feed a bite to each other, but definitely wouldn’t feed the over-300 people on the guest list for the reception. She liked the idea of cupcakes, but the cost was prohibitive if we were to have the quantity we thought we’d need. We decided we’d make them ourselves and I wanted a simple way to decorate them.

I started looking on Etsy for cupcake pick ideas, and came up with four different designs:


They were simple to make, just toothpicks and a little hot glue. I used the computer to print on brown Kraft paper, then a paper-cutter and small scissors to cut them out. The round one used hole punches for the paper, and I hand cut the burlap. (I know the monogram font is a bit small for the size of hole punch…) The “i do” is hand-stamped with rubber stamps, as is the heart in love. I hand-wrote the “l, v, e” for the word love.

When my sister and niece were here for a few days this summer, we had a small assembly line and finished them in no time.  We did add a cream ribbon tied under the heart, but I didn’t have the ribbon yet when the photo was taken. The ribbons and twine just added a nice finishing touch to the picks.

I love these!. They will dress up the cupcakes and add a special touch to the cake table.


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