Saturday, October 27, 2012

31 Days to Happily Ever After – Day 27 – The Veil

I think I mentioned that when dress shopping, Jess didn’t think she wanted a veil. I was okay with that, thinking we could get a really pretty clip or comb or barrette. Then the bridal shop sales clerk put a veil on her in the showroom, and the tears started to flow. She really “felt” like a bride, and changed her mind right then.
Since I’d disassembled my gown, we thought we could use part of the chiffon overskirt for her veil, so she didn’t order one that day. My sister asked if there was anything she could make for Jess for her wedding, and since the ring bearer pillow was taken care of, we decided the veil was the perfect project for her. When she came to help with wedding stuff last July, she put together this very simple veil that worked perfectly for Jess:
the bride
It turned out that the chiffon from my dress had too many seams for us to use it for her veil, so I picked up a couple of yards of ivory tulle at the fabric store. My sister folded it in half, then gathered the fold, and hand-sewed it to the comb. She used her machine to sew the ivory ribbon on the edge of the tulle.
At first Jess thought she just wanted the plain veil, so that’s how my sister made it. A few weeks later, she decided she wanted to add a sparkly comb.
veil comb We put the veil on, then just added the decorative comb. At the reception, Jess took off the veil, but kept the sparkly part.
The decorative comb was the most expensive component to the veil at $14 (Claire’s). The rest of it was well under $10, plus full of love from Aunt Tonita. Jess asked me to please put her veil in my hope chest. Who knows – perhaps this will be the next heirloom to hand down for family weddings?

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  1. The veil is just beautiful and so is the bride!

    I'm glad you found that RX discount! Another reader mentioned a non-profit prescription service that she uses that saves her quite a bit. Can't remember the name but it's in the comments on that post.


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